Is one of the worst types of facial pain. Occurs in females more than males, during their forties or fifties, pain is usually severe to the extent that affects the patient capacity to do his daily activities.

Attacks happen at any moment of the day. Pain is electric like sensation at one side of the face, bilaterally in some rare cases. Pain lasts from few seconds to several minutes and might be repeated throughout the day.


Tumour or vascular loop causing compression on the ganglion

Post herpetic neuralgia


Pain usually occurs after stimulating the skin by shaving, eating, drinking, putting makeup, touch, cold air.


Medical treatment in the form of antineuralgic and anti-inflammatory and anti-depressants. Which decrease the severity and the frequency of the attacks

Opioid and non-opioid analgesics

Surgical procedure to remove to compression on the ganglion. In cases of tumours or vascular loop or malformation causing compression on the nerve root.

Minimally invasive procedure which is done under fluoroscopic guidance. Under local anesthesia and sedation. Though a needle which is advanced to the desired nerve and with the use of thermal Radiofrequency ablation.

Procedure Duration is almost 30 minutes and the patient is advised to leave the hospital after 2 hours and to return to his daily activities after 24 hours.