Minimally invasive spine procedures.


Using most recent technological advances to treat disc prolapse with total safety, convenience and effectiveness. Follow up of the patient after the procedure is done and the patients is given the instructions to ensure long term if not life long relief from disc prolapse

Selective nerve roots injection and Radiofrequency to treat the nerve root inflammation and to provide adhesiolysis to the nerve. Procedure is done fluoroscopic guided

Prolotherapy PRP is an effective way in treatment of spondylosis in most cases

Laser per cutaneous disc decompression. Which results in nucleus decompression and reducing the pressure on the outer annulus which provides a definitive treatment for disc prolapse

Fluoroscopic guided neuroplasty. Using a RACZ catheter is effective in cases of spinal canal stenosis with excellent results.

Patients are instructed to do regular follow ups after any procedure and to follow the provided general rules to avoid any future hazards that might affect their spine.


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