Neck and back pain. As well as joints pain is is mostly due to a wrongful life style. Although it’s more prevalent in the elderly, recently it’s becoming more common in the younger generation. Mostly due to lack of proper diagnosis of the pain generator in the younger group of people.

Some of the spine problems in the younger generation are mostly due to heavy back or neck impact in case of motor car accidents, heavy weight lifting, improper postures during exercise, long screen hours in front of the laptop or smart phones which usually leads to cervical or lumbar disc prolapse.

Diagnosis is usually done after meticulous clinical examination. And ordering one or more of the necessary imaging investigations. X ray, CT, MRI.


Minimally invasive spine interventions is usually the treatment of choice in those cases.

Selective cervical and lumbar nerve root injection

Minimally invasive neuroplasty fluoroscopic guided

Per cutaneous cervical or lumbar disc decompression


Minimally invasive interventions are done in the OR. Under complete aseptic conditions. Under local anesthesia and sedation. Procedure duration is almost 30 minutes and the patient is advised to leave the hospital after 2 hours and return to resume his daily activities within 48 hours.