Pain in cancer patients originates from the tumor itself for compression of the surrounding structures within the area. It might also be due to metastatic deposits (bone metastasis). Pain might also occur after chemotherapy or radiotherapy sessions and even after surgery. The last type of pain might last for a long duration even if the patient is cured from the disease.


Cancer pain usually depends on the location of the tumor, the stage and the grade of the disease. Half of patients suffering from cancer usually complain of pain throughout the course of the disease or the treatment. One third of the patients with advanced disease suffer from intractable pain that interfere with their sleeping patterns and hinder their daily activities.


With the appropriate interventional treatment cancer pain can be controlled providing more than 80 % pain relief.


Minimally invasive pain management is considered an effective and precise and safe method for pain control. Fluoroscopic guided Thermal Radiofrequency ablation for the sympathetic ganglia or nerve roots responsible for the pain is a valid and effective procedure. With procedure duration from 20 to 30 minutes. Patient is allowed to leave the hospital in the same day and to resume his daily activities after 48 hours.